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Pewdiepie Paper Child by xRinExWireOkumurax

NO STEPHANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What you did to Pewdie is so cute, bro! I would do the same thing if someone takes my phone, ds, psp, etc. And Stephano looks pretty cool I guess...

Out of all the paper children I found on DA this is the best paper child I ever seen in my life! :) You rock! *brofist*

Maybe I should start making paper children myself! Inspired by your Pewdiepie paper child.

YES I SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But keep it up with the paper children! Especially with Pewdiepie! Infinity/10!

Exactly! Pewdiepie is awesome and so is your paper children if this one is not the only one.

Bye~ *brofist*
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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This is very fair and the artist did awesome job.
xRinExWireOkumurax Nov 24, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
OMG! THANK YOU! :iconbegplz: that means a lot to hear you think its super awesome! *brofist* :meow: I'll be makin a few more paper children and probably another Pewdie one ^^ :icongwompplz: thank you again! and yus! make some paper children! :D they are indeed lotsa fun to make!!

-Rin :iconrinokumuraplz:
And a Calling and Final Fantasy 4 one lol
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